Accounting service for businesses and individuals.

Bookkeeping for companies and individuals

Full accounting is keeping accounting books (also known as full books). The obligation to conduct them applies to: commercial companies, certain civil partnerships and general partnerships. Moreover, entities that do not have such an obligation may keep such books voluntarily.

Our priorities are timeliness, safety and compliance with the law. The latter often change, so we carefully follow any changes in tax law. Ignorance of them can expose the company to serious problems, including financial penalties.

Accounting - scope of services

By using our offer, you ensure the representation of our specialists in tax inspections as well as tax and administrative proceedings.

As part of our accounting services, we offer you:

  • keeping books of accounts and widely understood matters related to accounting,
  • tax risk analysis, including tax analysis of contracts, transactions and investment projects,
  • tax due diligence,
  • assistance during tax audits and representation in contacts with the Tax Office and other administrative units,
  • practical application of double tax treaties,
  • keeping records of lump-sum income tax revenues,
  • taking over the company's accounting affairs with notification of the Tax Office,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and drawing up current depreciation plans,
  • preparation of monthly corporate income tax declarations,
  • preparation of VAT returns and VAT / EU summary declarations,
  • preparation of monthly and annual reports (balance sheet, profit and loss account),
  • preparation of an annual tax declaration in the field of corporate income tax,
  • preparation of annual reports required by the Central Statistical Office and the NBP,
  • assistance in the registration of newly established business entities,
  • preparation of loan applications and for the issuance of a certificate of non-arrears with contributions to ZUS and taxes in the Tax Office,
  • preparation of information on EU transactions,
  • preparation and sending of JPK VAT files,
  • cooperation with statutory auditors,
  • preparation of documentation regarding deferral, payment in installments and remission of taxes.

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